Principal's Message

“Success will never lower its standards to accommodate us.
We have to raise our standards to achieve it.”

It is said that a leader is born with the birth of every child. The only need is to provide an enabling environment, careful nurturing and effective use of their unbound talents.At DPS Allahabad , we maintain a large perspective of education. Our philosophy is of reducing pressure as well as careful nurturing of the student’s hopes and desires while boosting their self esteem. Without these basic tenets, I believe that education loses its primary purpose.
We believe that all individuals have the capacity to improve and learn. Children develop this capacity at different rates and have the ability to gain expertise in a wide range of academic and co- curricular activities. Just like a potter molds plain wet clay into something worthwhile and beautiful, we at DPS believe, that through constant encouragement, immense hard work and love, students can be molded into future leaders and icons of our society.

Students at our school will not compete with each other, but with themselves by constantly raising their expectations and successfully achieving their targets. This practice will not only make them “Highly Self Driven” but it will also serve to make them sensitive and empathetic to other people’s failures and their emotions, which is a very important factor in determining what sort of human beings they turn out to be.Learning cannot be done only through books, and we here at DPS Allahabad, believe that true learning comes through igniting the curiosity of each child through whatever means possible and encouraging them to find out the answers to their questions by themselves. The children should be guided to the point where they are able to step into the unknown without the fear of failure which keeps most of us back.

Summing up, we believe, through our education programme, to groom future leaders and motivators of our society as well as country and to ensure that each and every one of our students in physically sound, mentally capable and emotionally secure to face the trials and ups and downs of life. We are but a guiding medium, a gentle hand, which is there to guide our children on their way to greatness and to ensure that they are not led astray by distractions and problems.

Dr. Sujata Singh
Principal, Delhi Public School Allahabad